Translation technologies.

Translation technologies are those that integrate into translation processes and tools. We aim to optimize the translation process by improving productivity and ensuring the quality of the translations. We offer solutions for translation companies as well as for organisations working in managing languages, such as software and tools for exploiting translation memories and web apps and a consulting service to optimise the managing of translation processes. In addition, we offer quality machine translation systems based on neural networks and machine learning, to facilitate work in multilingual contexts.

Main lines of research

  • Machine translation
  • Machine translation quality estimation (MTQE)
  • Advanced methods for exploiting translation memories

Ongoing research pojects

  • TANPER: Traducción Automática Neuronal Personalizable. Partially funded by the Hazitek program, Basque government (2021-2022).
  • MULTINMT: Traducción automática neuronal multidireccional orientada al cliente. Partially funded by the Hazitek program, Basque government (2020-2021). Eusko Jaurlaritza - Ekonomia Saila Europa Feder
  • TANDO: Métodos y Sistemas de Traducción Automática Neuronal Coherente. Hazitek program, Basque government (2020-2021).